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Services to choose from:

HMG, provides services to fit all budgets…our philosophy is …if you need it, we can get it. Booking Services Include:

·         Sweet, 16 talent

·         Family Reunion bands (oldies but goodies)

·         Wedding Entertainment

·         Tour Consulting/Booking (I’m an act, and I want to go on the road)

·         The One Hit Wonder County Tours

·         Talent for Corporate Events

·         Youth Seminar Talent

·         Gospel Events

·         Community and County Fair talent

·         Baby Shower Events

·         A Day with a Star

·         Life After the Stage Seminars

·         I’m famous…now what life after the stage seminars

·         Leased Real Estate for TV show…i.e. Cribs, This House  

·         Club Walking Talent (stars, who walk through clubs for fees)

·         Red Carpet Arm Candy

·         Crowd Control/Day Security

·         International Tour Booking

·         Capital Fund Raising Campaigns

·         In the place to be PR Services

Small Business Consulting through Independent Label Set Ups, we team up with other seasoned veterans to ensure you have qualified representation who specialize within your field of expertise. These services include:

o   Articles of Incorporation

o   Business/Personal Marketing

o   Social Media and "What in the world is it"

o   Simple Social Media Approaches and Marketing Plan

o   Launching Campaigns

o   Business Management

o   Management for Managers (Some how you've ended up and landed a talented artist, client, or TV/Radio personality...now what?

o   Branding and Human Resources

o   Corporate Image Branding/Company Logo

o   Website Development

o   Correspondence Records Management/ Correspondence official procedure

o   Basic- Advanced Business Training

o   DVD Firm Profile Promotions

o   Office Equipment and Computer needs 

o   Install Server/Network services -(Vendor, fees not included in monthly services)

Independent Label Consultation:

Our firm has developed a relationship with numerous sources in the industry that have extensive knowledge of operating successful independent ventures. Through these contacts we will developed the right plan for you to successfully navigate your company to fiscal success. We will developed the marketing strategy for your company and analyze your growth potential with the means that you already posses, then make the necessary adjustments to extend your growth potential. We will align you with the right independent promoters and record pools to get your product the proper amount of representation in the urban community to build the support you need to acquire a major distribution deal. After the initial meeting, a fee will be determined based on the amount of services provided through us.  A consultation fee can also be determined if no services are provided and only a strategy plan is developed. The Process includes:


Materials Needed:

· Posters- Used at events and retail as an artist awareness tool.

· Post Cards- Used at events and retail as artist awareness tool.

· One Sheet- Primarily created for sales representatives for solicitation to retail buyers. Contains information on the artist including, any past sales history, radio and television performances, airplay, and media quotes.

· Music Samplers- Used as giveaways for allowing consumers to sample the project before purchasing.

· T-shirts- A visibility tool worn by staff, fans, & retailers. Also good for giveaways.

· Audiovisual equipment- Pictures of store displays, shows, video visuals, etc.

 Recommended Staff:

·  Street Team- Coordinate grassroots awareness in schools, colleges, clubs, and non-traditional retail outlets, etc.

·  Product Coordinator- Handles the distribution of product including CD’s, vinyl, etc.

·  Field Representative- Compliance checks at retail for any sales/ marketing campaigns that have been set up. Also, create cross marketing opportunities to expose the artist to consumer, obtaining competitive info, etc.

·  Sales person- Solicits retail buyers for product buys

·  Promotion person- Securing airplay, promo tools, spot buys, radio drops, etc.

· Publicity person- Magazines, Television, News, etc.

·  Marketing Representative- Defining and saturating the artists Hot Spot and creating product placement & visibility in the market place.

· Booking Agent- In charge of booking paid and non-paid shows.

· Stylist- In charge of artists’ look and image.

 Info Needed:

· Regional Retail Lists

· Regional Club/ DJ/ Records Pools/ Strip Club Lists

· Regional Venue List - Malls, Arena’s, Hotels, etc

· Concert Promoters

· Regional Radio List including names of program directors

· Sponsors Lists

 Artist Responsibilities/Visibility:

· Retail Visits- Meet and greets, walk through, in-stores, etc.

· Promo Tours- Radio visits shows, interviews, etc.

· Events- Visibility in ALL who’s who events

· Television- Video shows Music Videos, etc.

· Press- Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

Visual and Communication Development:

We provide needed services to achieve the desired image for you and or your artist. This includes choreography, vocal training, fashion design, and stage presentation and media training.

Through our connections in the fashion and dance industries, we have developed an elite team of industry veterans that will provide you or your artist the complete package of glamour, sound and media. Our seasoned professionals will develop all aspects of your brand or entertainment career, from inception to completion.   Some of these aspects of our services also offer:

o   Film & TV Consulting from the Cradle to the Grave


o   Film & TV shows marketing and Television/Film deals 


o   Studio Consulting on equipment through Setup


o   Construction of new studio facilities


o   Public Relations Corporate


o   Public Relations and Branding for Entertainment Genre’s


o   Songwriting Consultation/ Lyrical Consulting


o   Booking Agent/Consulting


o   Radio Promotions & Interviews


o   Financial Planning including business credit, personal credit, commercial and  residential property purchases


o   Press Release/Press Packages/EPK Kits


o   Copyright Consulting


o   Tour/ Entourage Management

We specifically place an intense amount of focus on Media Intervention. Due to the fact, our team will put your plan on a fast track; we must ensure that all facets of media exposure end in a positive light for your brand/artist. Interview preparations include radio, television, concert stage presence/projection, fan interaction (meet and greets, one on one interaction). 

We will set up all the many needed internet brandings that is used to cross market you. These necessary online images are pertinent to you and your brand. Fanzine, fan database memberships, up to date trafficking that allows access to you is mandatory for maximum exposure of you, your brand or your project.

Artist Development ranges from:

  •       o   Choreographic Consulting to include: Stage/ Choreography

o   Voice Training/Background/Stage Vocal Training


Your audience wants to have complete faith that the services you offer via your firm or project ensures that you’re an industry expert. The best way to confirm your expertise is to create opportunities for you to discuss your brand/ goals the surrounding communities as well as the world. We will arrange a formidable team to execute speaking topics that are first compiled via your comfort level of topics and secondly are wanted by your followers.

Our team can organize and promote your seminars within your focused demographic. This can be accomplished with a separate small budget until it grows into a more marketable tool that helps you gain exposure as well as income. A full plan will be put together to show the profit potential once a budget has been allocated to this form of marketing you and your brand.

With developed relationships with numerous sources in the industry that have extensive knowledge of operating successful independent ventures. Through these contacts, we will develop the right plan to successfully navigate your company to fiscal success. Branding and marketing strategies will be set up in order to analyze your growth potential while making the necessary adjustments to extend your product/projects potential.  We connect you with the right tastemakers to get your product the proper amount of representation in local and regional communities that support your product line.

 TV, Film, Music Production and Publishing  Placement - Major& Independent services include:

o   Package Development of the final product

o   Knocking of the doors of the “right” individual that can screen and place your product into the right hands and as a result solidifying a deal.

Inception to Completion through Small Business Consulting on the following:

Articles of Incorporation

Image Branding

Company Logo


Correspondence official procedure

Correspondence Records Management:

·         Office Equipment and Computer needs

o    Install

o    Networking

o    Phone Systems and Phone Digital Phone lines

·         Basic- Advanced Business Training

·         DVD Firm Profile Promotions

·         Studio Consulting on equipment through Setup

·         Construction of new studio facilities

·         Public Relations Music Industry & Corporate

·         Songwriting Consultation/ Lyrical Consulting

·         Booking Agent/Consulting

·         Radio Promotions & Interviews

·         Financial Planning

·         Press Release/Press Packages/EPK Kits

·         Copyright Consulting

·         Tour/ Entourage Management 


  Software Training:

MS Word

Ms PowerPoint



Ms. Outlook



Adobe Photoshop

Acrobat Adobe Reader- PDF



Peachtree Accounting

ADP Payroll

Midi Courses (Studio)

Basic Analog Recording (Studio)

Basic Vocal Training

Songwriting Basics

Pro-tools (Studio)




Simple and Cost Effective plans for all arms of your corporate Structures:

·                 Maintenance of Business to include:

o    Monthly Tax Reports

o    Profit and Loss records keeping

o    Business Credit Strategies to build a high yield credit score for  your corporation  

o    Retail/Boutique branding this involves private or high end clientele

We also offer: Customer Service training, sales training to include opening and closing the sale of any product.  We offer bi-lingual training for your Spanish employees.

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