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Why Hines Management Group:

In today’s society an entrepreneur, creative entity or business owner, barely has time to do anything other than focus on their capital gain.  With the current economy in a downward spiral, individuals have to function in a “warp speed” mentality of getting projects done, servicing their clientele, and ensuring that available profits be earned within their brand and demographic arena, and that they are actually accounted for as well as attained. Staff, office maintenance, marketing and daily functions all fall onto the owner's shoulder.   Hines Management Group was created for the sole reason of rescuing clients and providing a sturdy bracket for them to lean on. We provide a temporary service that catapults longevity for your business/personal goals. We cohesively co-exist within a firm to act as a Co-Captain in order to ensure that all the original goals and dreams of going into business are accomplished.   

 Our “Keys to Success” Regimen:

1.    Excellence in fulfilling the promise--completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and information

2.    Developing visibility to generate new business leads

3.    Leveraging from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generation opportunities: retainer training , project consulting, workshop facilitation and individual coaching

4.    Consistently developing productive and thought-provoking learning experiences to maintain growth and success with each client

5.    Our use of state-of-the-art technology

6.    Easy access to services

7.    Establishing a seasoned advisory team

Hines Management Group Inc, is a firm believer of the development process., within your personal/business endeavors. Listed below is what is necessary to evoke positive behavioral changes in order to achieve successful.


Our firm will listen to your concerns and your desires for your demographic reach. Often times as a business owner or artists you are more aware about what is expected from your company or fans as it relates to your particular product or music.   We understand the day to day attachments of work functions or creative regimens.  We will assist you regarding how to properly attain the right perspective for your goals so that you will be able to operate effectively. New ideas should enhance  the future of your product/brand.  Our management team is experienced enough to know what ideas will be productive. An operating environment, including internal and external factors will be examined regularly. This will include but not be limited to comparing profit figures to historical data and then determining what caused any changes (for decreased or increased sales/fan base).  An important key will be to obtain customer feedback on products and services, and compare the company’s level of success to its competitors.          


 Our company will conduct organization analysis surveys to determine your customers’ perceptions.  One potentially effective way for leaders and managers to maintain excitement of how things are going within its firm is to conduct an organizational climate assessment.  This is an information-gathering process which allows employees to provide their opinions on how the company is doing and ways it may be improved.  Involving your staff is crucial. These people are in the workplace want their voices heard and everybody at some point in time wants to know that what they suggest matters and deserve validation from time to time.  This type of endeavor should be designed to obtain open and honest (but productive and objective) feedback.


We will encourage all clients to employ continuous learning techniques that will be exciting and innovative. This will not be done by taking classes or pursuing higher degrees, but by reading books and articles, including those written by experts in their field.  Hine Management Group, Inc, understands there are numerous ways to keep people motivated but when their creativity is a part of the formula happy mediums are attained and everyone grows together.      


We are very clear on not being afraid to ask for information or assistance when needed. Leaders and managers need to ask for assistance from time to time. It is very easy to get bogged down with a few key areas of the job and one may lose situational awareness on other areas within the organization. Involvement and asking questions are very important in business.  Whenever asking for assistance and delegating certain functions, clients may be able to concentrate on their leadership duties while maintaining an understanding of lower-level issues.


The life cycle of any business implementation begins with the understanding of the critical goals and objectives of the business enterprises in running of the businesses and focusing on the process of streamlining the business processes which are being planned to get integrated technologically. We want every client to be clear, while building the Business blueprint, the first focus that is needed, before the initiation of the project is to analyze what the project will be trying to accomplish and at what cost, using what resource in time, money and man efforts, besides also working on the ROI (Return on Investment) details and a communication plan for all strata of those involved in the implementation.  It is a good practice to always run test to ensure that the strategies that will drive the success of the business is well rehearsed prior to final implementation.

Successful Experience

We understand the great feeling of knowing your vision. Especially when profits are favorable due to the execution of a strategic plan, which was designed for your firm. It is gratifying when the system is followed and the effort of the team accomplished the goal. Everyone enjoys a victory after all it takes hard work to win. Our belief is in keeping things simple and concise and continuing the same process again and again with adjustments as needed based on trends, history and competition.


This is the sign off stage… ultimately it becomes second nature to do. What has worked time and time again is now a part of your business routine.  Our firm will  ensure you and your clients feel good about passing on information within  your organization and once that niche is identified, you will be sure  to continue the brand as well as ensure consistency throughout your company.


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